We offer a variety of tickets to suit your travel needs. 

All of our drivers accept cash and do carry change; however large notes may cause a problem so wherever possible we would like you to have the correct money. 

If you travel frequently it would be worthwhile getting the key - a free smartcard which you buy & store your tickets on. Tickets can be bought online & used on the bus within 3 hours of purchase! Find out more about the key here.

Please see below for Damory Network travel ticket options:


Dorchester Period Passes

If you travel regularly within Dorchester on the Dorchester Route 1 and Dorchester Route 2 you may find one of our Dorchester period passes more suitable. They are all available to buy from the driver. 

1 day - £3.90

7 days - £13.00

30 days - £45.00

children & young adults

Any fare paying customer or pass holder (including ENCT) can take up to 2 children with them under the age of 7 for free. Any additional children travelling will be charged the normal child fare (regardless of whether they are under 7 or over). 

Child & young adult fares are available until your 19th birthday. Many young customers look very grown up and our drivers may question your age. We recommend that ID is carried so that your age can be verified otherwise you may be asked to pay adult fare.

Child & young adult tickets on the key are now available too - you can find out more here