Things to do in and around Salisbury


Stonehenge is renowned across the world as one of the best know prehistoric monuments. It now has a transformed visitor experience - new world class visitor centre, housing museum quality permanent and temporary exhibitions, plus a spacious shop and café that is now open. You can now take a trip back in time on board The Stonehenge Tour taking your from Salisbury City Centre and Salisbury train station direct to the stones themselves! For more information about the route, timetable and fares visit

The Stonehenge Tour

Old Sarum

Old Sarum is as famed as Stonehenge; it is a huge earthwork raised in about 500BC by Iron Age settlers and later occupied by Romans, Saxons and Normans. They built a castle and a royal palace, and by the mid-12th century it was a busy town with a fine new cathedral. It is a magnificent sight and worth a visit; get there on The Stonehenge Tour - for more information visit

The Stonehenge Tour

Salisbury Cathedral

Be inspired by the tranquillity and beauty of one of Britain's finest medieval cathedrals; set within eight acres of lawn and surrounded by historic buildings and museums within the spectacular Cathedral Close. The Cathedral is unique in being built almost entirely in one architectural style, Early English Gothic and has Britain's tallest spire (123m / 404ft). Discover nearly 800 years of history inside the Cathedral, view the finest preserved Magna Carta (1215) and Europe's oldest working clock (1386).

Salisbury Cathedral


With the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, equally remarkable Avebury and the mighty Iron Age hill fort of Old Sarum, there really is plenty for the whole family to enjoy on a day out in Wiltshire. Discover the secrets of this seemingly 'sacred landscape' or get away from it all and explore a romantic ruined castle.


Discover the rest of Salisbury all with Salisbury Reds. They have a comprehensive network both within the city and out as far as Swindon, Devizes, Andover and more!

Salisbury Reds